Product Condition Codes:

N  New, never been used, in original pristine condition.

A1  Used, but in almost new condition, no discoloration, no rips/cuts or damages.

A2  Used, in excellent condition, may have very light discoloration, no rips or cuts or damages.

B1  Used, in good condition, may have light discoloration, may have minor blemishes - usually only cosmetic.

B2  Used, in good condition,  may have medium discoloration,  may have minor blemishes - usually only cosmetic, maybe missing box/user manual.

C1  Used, in fair condition,  may have medium to strong discoloration, may have minor damage not affecting functionality.

C2  Used, in fair condition, may have strong discoloration, may have some damage but still fully functional.

D Used, showing it's age, may be partly functional.

F Used, showing it's age, non-functional.