ALibPc v0.4 will be available to all

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ALibPc v0.4 will be available to all

Postby Ray » Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:32 am

I decided to release v0.4 publicly making it available to all Atarians with the following restrictions:

1) ALibPc will only work at regular SIO speeds on third party SIO2PC devices, that is devices not manufactured by Atari8Warez. This limitation comes naturally as high-speed operation requires special Atari8Warez drivers and those drivers will only install for Atari8Warez made SIO2PCs.

2) ALibPc's "Make multiple ATRs", "Write Multiple ATRs", and "Format Multiple disks" features will not use multiple drives as they normally do with Atari8Warez made SIO2PCs.

3) ALibPc's Librarian features (when released) will be limited to function only with 100 library entries.

There will be no foreseeable other limitations as new versions are released.

I am opening ALibPc forums to everyone's access, to post however you need to register an account with the Atari8Warez Forums.
ALibPc can be downloaded from the "ALibPc Software Support" sub-forum. You can post your questions, comments and bug reports in the appopriate sub-forums.

This release (v0.4) will have the Disk to ATR, ATR to disk, and disk format functionality combined with detailed device/disk info.
Make note that ALibPc is not designed to archive copy protected disks as I see no real use for that in the present day.

Hope you will enjoy the software as much as I did developing it.


NOTE: The software will be available for download by July 1st, 2017 and a separate availability announcement will be made.
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