• AspeQt - A8W Edition

    ALibPc is a companion utility to AspeQt. While AspeQt, by emulating disk drives on PC, lets you use your PC as a virtual storage to your Atari 8 bit computer, ALibPc is used to copy your real Atari 8 bit floppy disks to your PC in .ATR disk image format. Those .ATR files can later be served to your Atari computer using AspeQt. ALibPc will also allow you to organize these files on your PC using pre-defined or user-defined categories, and will let you explore/manipulate their contents. This is the Librarian part of the software.

  • Available immediately for Windows (10/8/7/Vista and XP) and Linux (to be announced later)
  • Language localization (feature currently in development)
  • Supports 4 disk drives
  • Makes ATR image files from real Atari disks
  • Writes ATR image files to real Atari disks
  • Formats real Atari disks (with HS Sector Skew support)
  • Batch operation support for Make ATR, Write ATR, and Format options (Up to 4 disk drives at a time)
  • Displays extensive disk/drive information
  • High Speed operation supported on Happy, Speedy and US Doubler ehanced drives (and compatibles)
  • Can be used with all RS232 or FTDI based 10502PC interfaces (High Speed operation is only available with Atari8Warez devices)
  • Created ATR images can be categorized and filed in a database, and can be manipulated in various ways (feature currently in development)
  • Full integration with AspeQt. Created ATR image can immediately be mounted to and used by AspeQt
  • Online, multi-language documentation (feature currently in development)
  • How to obtain a copy of ALibPc and get support and feature request privileges
    When you purchase an SIO2PC/10502PC device from me, you may automatically get the latest version of ALibPc via a mini DVD.  If your purchase did not include a DVD or, you want the latest version of the software, or you're not a customer, a download link is provided on this page.

    If you are not a customer but decide to encourage me for further development and want personal attention when support/upgrade is needed, you could make a one time donation and that will get you full access to the support forums at Supporter/Customer level, as well as access to all software released by me, including the ones that are only available to Customers.