SIO2PC USB Edition, Product Comparison
(know the facts before you buy)
  Features Atari8Warez Atarimax Lotharek
10502PC functionality Included  (Dual Mode)
Non-propriatery design
Activity Leds  
SIO connector included Not Required SIO jack, requires SIO cable
SIO Pass-through port included No, must be the last device on the SIO chain Yes, Dual-port model only (+$10) No, must be the last device on the SIO chain
Enclosure Included      
Hardware mode switching
Co-operates with real Atari drives in the SIO chain        
Customizable LED Colors Via EEPROM update  
Uses GENUINE FTDI and TI parts    
Data buffer and latency adjustments Via driver settings Via APE software Via driver settings
Comprehensive Installation/Usage instructions included or available online via website    
Works with free PC peripheral emulator software   Requires proprietary software  
Software is free and full featured Limited feature free trial available
Software upgrades are free
Hardware Vendor also supports / maintains / upgrades the peripheral emulator software AspeQt APE/Prosystem  
Multiplatform Emulator Software  Windows/Linux/OSX/Android  Windows Only Windows/Linux /OSX/Android
Hardware purchase includes software to organize your Atari files on PC ALibPc     
Works with other vendor's peripheral emulation software Atarimax APE (with VCP drivers only), ProSystem
Any peripheral  software which uses COM ports and supports DSR handshaking
No, Proprietary hardware design Atarimax APE (with VCP drivers only), ProSystem
Price Includes drivers, Peripheral Emu Software, Documentation and a huge Atari Software collection on DVD (or as a download) Docs, Emu Soft, Soft Collection via
 DVD / Download
Docs via download Docs via download
Technical support Via Website and Support Forum Via Website and Support Forum
Vendor Rating eBay eBay eBay
Vendor Website www.atari8warez.com www.atarimax.com www.lotharek.pl
Selling Price 34.00 (USD) 59.99 (USD) 22.50 (USD
Shipping Cost 12.00 (USD) 6.00 (USD) 20.00 (USD)
TOTAL COST 46.00 (USD) Hardware + Software 65.99 (USD) Hardware only
115.99 (USD) Hardware + Software
42.50 (USD) Hardware + Software
Shipping fee includes postal damage insurance
Accepted Payment types PayPal / Credit or Debit Card via PayPal Credit Card PayPal / Bank Transfer
  (feature unknown) All information is obtained from vendor websites and current as of Nov 1, 2016